Soup made with leftovers

Brrrr. It is FRIGID outside!  And this past weekend all I wanted to do was curl up in a ball under a mound of blankets and watch tv.  Instead I spend some time playing around with my new multi-cooker I talked about in my last post.  And I made a really delicious soup using someRead more

French Onion Fail!

French onion soup minus the cheese

We went on a cruise!!  Our first cruise ever, for a WEEK!  (which was a time for me to be out of the kitchen).  Coming home I reached for the next cookbook in line, Michael Smith’s Best of Chef at Home Essential Recipes for Today’s Kitchen.  The recipe tagged was for French Onion Soup.

Another Attempt at Baking

what the what?! Did I actually make these??

Matt and I spend a lot of time and money at the pub a block from our house, Kildare House.  We joke that Kildare House is our living room.  As a result of all the time we spend in Kildare we have gained several friends.  If anyone is wondering where we picked up Al asRead more