Easy Roast Chicken and Seasonal Vegetables

This past Christmas I received several new cookbooks.  This is the first of the new (Christmas) cookbooks I am trying a recipe from.  So far I am impressed!  The recipe I made was easy to follow, gave some great tips (which I even learned something new) and had options for vegetables medleys to use basedRead more

Long process with tasty reward

This next recipe had been an ongoing process for about a month.  Reason it took so long is because it involved curing meat!  Something completely new to me but given my love for cured meats I was extremely excited when I opened up the next cookbook and saw what I was going to be doing!

Maike and Rosemary – Cooking for Dummies

Ok Maike and I aren’t dummies but the next cookbook in line is Cooking for Dummies.  The last time I used this book I cooked with Al, you can read about our yummy steak here.  The book is a great reference cook book with lots of good pointers and well as some really yummy recipes.

Oui Oui…100% Possible and a French Feast

let's eat

Sunday was a fun day (get it??)  We spend the day with friends and I made a recipe from the cookbook French Feasts, grab your own by clicking the link below.  It’s a beautiful cookbook and with Christmas coming (we are in December already!!) it is sure to make a great gift.

Prosciutto Time!

On our last trip to Eataly (you can read about it here btw), I bought a new book called “Prosciutto” by Carla Bardi.  The book is not only a guidebook for prosciutto but it also contains a few recipes.