Indian Spiced Potato Cakes

I love potatoes.  I could eat potatoes for every meal.  There are so many things you can do with them. I would start listing idas off but I think it would start to sound like Bubba from Forest Gump.  When I opened up my next cookbook on my shelf I was excited to see I’d beRead more

Let’s make something with Rose Water!

I love using new ingredients! A few months ago my friend Sandy gave me a bottle of rose water for my birthday.  Rose water is made by steeping rose petals in water.  Its flavor is used quite a bit in Persian cuisine.  Rose water is also used in cosmetics and has medicinal uses as well. Read more

Vegan Caesar

A couple of years back we took a cruise with my parents and my brother’s family. We had never been on cruise, didn’t really know what to expect and honestly didn’t think we would like it as much as we did.  It helps we went on a pretty awesome ship – Royal Caribbean’s Allure ofRead more

Best Tomato Soup

This week’s posts are all about soups! Tomato soup may seem like a basic soup but I promise you this take on tomato soup is not basic at all.  When I made this soup I was fully expecting to only serve it and not actually have a bowl.  But when I tasted it I changedRead more

Another Stock

  I hate wasting food. I always have a large Ziploc back in my freezer to hold vegetable scraps and vegetables which are about to go bad in my fridge.  Once my Ziploc is full I make vegetable stock, see my recipe here.  Recently I had a bunch of recipes for mushrooms, and I findRead more

Chasing Summer

Summer is my favorite season.  Mostly because I REALLY don’t like winter.  I hate the cold, I hate the long dark days.  Summer is so much cheerier and fun.  Especially having a yard with a pool makes summertime that much more enjoyable.  So with summer this year wrapping up I decided to make a very summeryRead more

Easy Panini

I really enjoy those long, several day process recipes. I look forward to spending that time in my kitchen and after working on something for days and days to finally taste the result.  Oddly equally also really like those quick and easy recipes.  The ones that you can throw together in minutes.  This next recipe isRead more

Tomato Time

I am not a tomato person. I have never liked tomatoes, which includes tomato sauce (even on pizza) and ketchup.  But in my wanting to grow my knowledge in all things culinary I decided to make something very tomatoey – gazpacho! 

More Vegan

done pile!

Yes, I own more than one vegan cookbook.  If you read my last post  you will know that I find my Thug Kitchen cookbook to be hilarious as well as actually have some good vegan recipes.  So when Thug Kitchen came out with a “party” cookbook, for social mofo’s as they say, I immediately putRead more

Did I really tag a recipe for Okra?

this is okra

Did I really tag a recipe for okra was what I was thinking when I opened the next cookbook in line.  Even though I have never cooked with (or probably ate) okra I couldn’t imagine it being good.  But my friend Al loves okra so perhaps about 6 months ago when I last used thisRead more

Healthy nutty Breakfast Bar

This next recipe took me out of my comfort zone a bit in picking up ingredients which I’ve never bought before…like quinoa and millet.  Luckily I was able to get all the crazy healthy ingredients at Bulk Barn (otherwise I would have had no idea where I could have possibly shopped).  The recipe came from theRead more

Recipe for a great birthday party

let's eat!

A bit of a break from The Cookbook Project to celebrate our friend’s Ivan’s birthday!  On Sunday we celebrated.  The recipe you ask – a pool full of friends (which can include new friends stranded in Windsor en-route from Chicago to Toronto) + lots of meat + 2 mini fridges full of booze + 1Read more