Spaghetti with …

One of the many awesome things about living in Walkerville is there are several great restaurants which are easily walkable to. One of my favorites is Vito’s Pizzeria.  When we go I typically get the steak or seafood feature while Matt goes for something I never make, mainly because I hate tomatoes, spaghetti with tomatoRead more

Cod Stuffed Peppers – lot of work but worth it!

get eaten!

Warning…this post is a long one, lots of steps, lots of pictures and while I am guessing probably nobody will make these, due to all the work they take, I have typed up the recipe anyway because they are worth it and I really hope someone will make these!  The recipe comes from Tapas by JoyceRead more

Life is too short not to eat well.

let's eat!

Life is too short not to eat well is written on the wall of the checkout area of Eataly in Chicago.  Founded by Oscar Farinetti and partnered with B&B Hospitality Group, which includes Mario Batali, Eataly is an awesome “store” (meaning much more than a store, you can shop for groceries, eat at any of the many mini restaurants within Eataly,Read more