Break up Winter

When the weather starts to get colder I typically find I want to eat warming comfort foods.  But as winter drags on and on I am tired of those foods and want to break it up with something bright and fresh.  I decided to throw together a simple yet satisfying ceviche to break up theRead more

Brick Chicken – a favorite grill recipe…

Summer is right around the corner. I had Matt go out and get a new propane tank for our grill so we can take advantage of the warm weather we are finally having consistently. I went to the market and picked up 2 chickens…yes 2 chickens for 2 people. The way I think of itRead more

Part Two of Cuttlefish Ink Challenge

If you remember from this post 2 weeks back, my friend Jamie challenged me to make several dishes with cuttlefish ink.  I created a pasta with the ink and it was delicious!  Next up I decided to make a tempura batter incorporating some of the ink.

Long process with tasty reward

This next recipe had been an ongoing process for about a month.  Reason it took so long is because it involved curing meat!  Something completely new to me but given my love for cured meats I was extremely excited when I opened up the next cookbook and saw what I was going to be doing!


I really like mussels.  But they have to be fresh!  Whenever buying mussels I make sure that any open mussels stay shut when I squeeze them.  I also smell them.  If you pick up a bag of mussels and you place it under your nose it might look weird, but if they smell rotten you won’tRead more

Sometimes cheese doesn’t make things better.


The next recipe comes from fellow Windsorite Rino Bortolin’s cookbook: Rino’s Kitchen – Cooking Local in Windsor & Essex County.  The last time I used this book my friend Jen was really happy (which is sarcastic) that I made asparagus and put up a whole post discussing it.  (you can read about it here.)  ForRead more

Cooking with Rosemary and IVAN!

cool aerial shot of grabbing food.

Summer is winding down 🙁  We decided to have our usual crew over for our last “sure” pool party of the summer.  I had a recipe from the next cookbook in line “Stonewall Kitchen Appetizers” by Jonathan King, Jim Scott & Kathy Gunst.  (If you click on the book below it will bring you to AmazonRead more

And the birthday continues – Shrimp Toasts

you're served!

Matt’s birthday continues on with Shrimp Toasts.  The recipe came from “Everyday Chinese”  by Paragon Books.

The Summer of Soup Continues!

The reasons there are no "in process" photos is because this soup came together really time for photos!

Our next in The Summer of Soup series comes from the cookbook “Simple Chinese Cooking” by Kylie Kwong.

Local Asparagus

Asparagus - you're served!

As stated in the last post, this post is about the asparagus I made to go along with my Tom Colicchio Steak.  The recipe comes from a local cookbook, “Rino’s Kitchen – Cooking Local in Windsor & Essex County” by Rino Bortolin.  For those of you not familiar, Rino Bortolin is a councilor for the cityRead more