Part III of Cuttlefish Ink Challenge

So perhaps the most challenging part of the cuttlefish ink challenge was to come up with a dessert. Not only does cuttlefish ink seem really out of place in a dessert, but also I avoid making desserts at all costs!  I am a pretty terrible baker, I don’t like to sweet things, I am justRead more

Sweet & Spicy

I had a bit of pork tenderloin left over from the recipe I made I my last post. I decide to make a quick stir fry and throw in some shrimp too, why not?  The whole dish came together quickly, didn’t use a ton of ingredients and had such great flavor – a perfect busyRead more

Purple chicken??!

Epic Fail! Can anything be more frustrating than getting home from work, spending about 15 minutes prepping and then an hour cooking only to have dinner be a total disaster?!  Luckily this doesn’t happen all too often in my house, but it still does happen.  And the night I tried to make Coq Au VinRead more

Another easy one…

I’ve been on a roll lately with having some super simple (and yummy) recipes.  This next one fall right in line.  It comes for a new cookbook (well actually Matt gave it to me for Christmas…but I haven’t cooked from it until now – you’ve been warned that I have reached my Christmas cookbooks…which aren’t Christmas food,Read more

Poached Veggies with Sweet Sesame Dressing

Well this one was kind of a failure, on a couple of levels, but not necessarily the fault of the cookbook I used, Plenty.  Plenty is a vegetarian cookbook, and if you are into that sort of thing you will be happy to know a second cookbook, Plenty More, was recently released.

Recipe for a great birthday party

let's eat!

A bit of a break from The Cookbook Project to celebrate our friend’s Ivan’s birthday!  On Sunday we celebrated.  The recipe you ask – a pool full of friends (which can include new friends stranded in Windsor en-route from Chicago to Toronto) + lots of meat + 2 mini fridges full of booze + 1Read more

Sizzling Summer Ribs

The summer heat has finally arrived, enough to have our AC on and our friends not so casually asking to come over and use the pool (Al).  “The Slanted Door” by Charles Phan is a Vietnamese cookbook and the next in line for the project.  This is one of those cookbooks that tells stories alongRead more