Part Two of Cuttlefish Ink Challenge

If you remember from this post 2 weeks back, my friend Jamie challenged me to make several dishes with cuttlefish ink.  I created a pasta with the ink and it was delicious!  Next up I decided to make a tempura batter incorporating some of the ink.

Squid Salad

I really dislike wasting food.  I do my best to only purchase food that I will use.  It’s not always easy, schedules change, things come up, plans change and as a result I end up with rotten food.  This next recipe I was originally going to make a week ago, but life happened and IRead more

It’s Complicated!


I have a LOT of cookbooks.  On my last trip to the bookstore I stood in the cookbook section and noticed I had most of the cookbooks within the three shelves I happened to be standing next to.  As I thought about writing this post I decided I should count and found out I have 66 cookbooks. Read more

Another Seafood Cocktail?!

Something strange that seems to happen is that I have very similar recipes all clumped together.  In the summer I had endless soup recipes.  Well 2 recipes ago I had a scallop and shrimp cocktail recipe.  Well when I opened the next book I found I have another seafood cocktail recipe, or Salpicon de Mariscos, asRead more

Hunter’s Birthday!

For Hunter’s 18th birthday we gave him the option of where he wanted to go for dinner.  He said he wanted to eat at home and for me to make the best burger he ever ate again.  I was very excited he wanted me to cook for him rather than go out so I reachedRead more

Easy, Good and Fast!

I really like recipes that are easy and fast.  Of course if they are also tasty I consider the recipe to be the trifecta.  This next recipe was one of those.  It came from a cookbook that I have a had a lot of success with.  The cookbook isn’t as pretty as many of myRead more

New Year’s Eve Seafood Feast!

sneak peak of what we did for NYE...

For New Year’s Eve Matt and I arrived at the idea of making dinner for 10 friends at our friend Andy’s house.  Andy has a Viking Range (as seen in the background of the photo above) which I might want for my own kitchen when we finally redo it.  So it seemed like the perfectRead more

My favorite cooking companion is back!

Sorry Al, Maike has replaced you in becoming my favorite person to cook with.  With Matt traveling again Maike came over to keep me company and hopefully learn another great meal to impress  her family with when she returns to Germany.  I gave Maike a heads up prior to her coming over as to whatRead more

Totally normal to clean squid while being in the pool

For my handsome husband Matt’s birthday we invited over our collection of friends for a day of swimming and eating.  I decided to tackle 4 cookbook recipes in one day!  The first cookbook recipe came from “The Food of Vietnam” by Luke Nguyen.