Best Tomato Soup

This week’s posts are all about soups! Tomato soup may seem like a basic soup but I promise you this take on tomato soup is not basic at all.  When I made this soup I was fully expecting to only serve it and not actually have a bowl.  But when I tasted it I changedRead more

Debate Snack

Last night was the final presidential debate. My friend Al, who recently got a new apartment, hosted a “debate party” of sorts. I find it sad the presidential debates this election are so entertaining (in a reality tv kind of way) that we’ve had parties to watch each debate…but I don’t want to get too politicalRead more

Tomato Hater No Mo

Are you ready for this, another tomato recipe from a person who really doesn’t like tomatoes. My Tash now says I am not allowed to consider myself or call myself a tomato hater since I have now successfully made several dishes which feature tomatoes and not only do I eat them but I also likeRead more

Spaghetti with …

One of the many awesome things about living in Walkerville is there are several great restaurants which are easily walkable to. One of my favorites is Vito’s Pizzeria.  When we go I typically get the steak or seafood feature while Matt goes for something I never make, mainly because I hate tomatoes, spaghetti with tomatoRead more

Baking Empanadas

just like Mexico!

I am no fan of baking.  But in my quest to continue to learn and improve my skill I make sure to include baking recipes.  Why don’t I enjoy baking?  If I had to guess it’s because I really don’t like sweet foods, so I don’t find joy in making sweet foods.  I was reallyRead more

All star way to serve celery

One of the fun things about my blog is there are actually people out there who read my blog!  And a few readers even get super into reading my posts.  One reader in particular, Jolie, wants to start a Cooking with Rosemary Fan Club and has even joked (or maybe it’s not a joke) about makingRead more

Yum sandwich

In my last post I gave the spoiler that the next recipe is for a sandwich.  It comes from a cookbook that I have had a lot of great recipes from so far…so definitely one to think about purchasing if  you are into having cookbooks with really yummy recipes.  We had a yard full of hungry swimmersRead more

Almost too much excitement for one post!

so totally forgot to photograph the corn before diving into here's a photo mid eating.

So something which was very exciting for me was I had a request from a blog reader for me to cook some Indian recipes.  Not to let my readers down I immediately ordered an Indian cookbook.  Something else very exciting happened the night before I made the recipe from the Indian cookbook, I was invited toRead more

Squid Salad

I really dislike wasting food.  I do my best to only purchase food that I will use.  It’s not always easy, schedules change, things come up, plans change and as a result I end up with rotten food.  This next recipe I was originally going to make a week ago, but life happened and IRead more

Burger Time

Another busy exhausting weekend!  This past weekend we had my mom along with friends Di and Jeff visit from Chicago.  We went to Art in The Park  and to see (half of) The Monkees at Caesars Windsor.  Come Sunday night I was pretty exhausted so I decided to make a fast and easy recipe for dinner.

Breakfast before Tweed

One of the fun events in Windsor Matt and I try to do each year is the Tweed Ride.  It’s a bicycle ride where you are encouraged to ride vintage bicycles and wear vintage clothing.  The ride itself goes around the city making stops at bars and restaurants along the way.  The morning of theRead more

Side Dish Star!


I recently read an article about how to be a better cook. One of the things the article talked about is how you should read the recipe in it’s entirety before even starting to cook.  This is something that I do for every recipe I make.  Actually I tend to read a recipe several times.  IRead more

Fun with Tomatillos

I love Mexico.  We vacation there every year with a group of family and friends.  For Christmas I received a new Mexican cookbook so I was eager to start my first recipe from it.

It’s Complicated!


I have a LOT of cookbooks.  On my last trip to the bookstore I stood in the cookbook section and noticed I had most of the cookbooks within the three shelves I happened to be standing next to.  As I thought about writing this post I decided I should count and found out I have 66 cookbooks. Read more

Another easy one…

I’ve been on a roll lately with having some super simple (and yummy) recipes.  This next one fall right in line.  It comes for a new cookbook (well actually Matt gave it to me for Christmas…but I haven’t cooked from it until now – you’ve been warned that I have reached my Christmas cookbooks…which aren’t Christmas food,Read more

Fast and Yummy Stir Fry Dinner

I am a carnivore.  I love meat.  I love beef especially, beef tenderloin being my favorite.  Well this next recipe was right up my beef alley.  I knew it would be good and it was!  Yay for winning!!