Since I bought mushrooms…

For my last post I used mushrooms, I had a few left over so I decided to put them to use. If you might recall I said I really don’t like eating mushrooms, but I do really like sauces made with mushrooms…so I went ahead to make a pretty popular mushroom sauce.  And while typicallyRead more

Trick or Scallops

  Ok so there is no trick, only scallops.  But Happy Halloween everyone!!  Scallops are one of those ingredients which are a treat. I love not only eating scallops but since scallops cook quickly they make for a nice fast dinner to cook.  But scallops can be expensive so I really don’t cook them allRead more

Summer of Fresh Rolls

So loyal readers will remember last summer I made a crazy amount of soup recipes…at exactly the time of year you don’t actually want soup.  As it just so happened the stars aligned and cookbook after cookbook I opened to find I had tagged a soup recipe.  Well this summer instead of finding I hadRead more

Skipping ahead one cookbook

I am pretty particular about staying in order with my cookbooks and not skipping or make an recipe out of order.  But the next recipe in the next cookbook in line has required I skip ahead.  Not only did I have order some ingredients online but also the recipe takes several weeks to cure.  So moreRead more

It’s all in the bread

Last year my friend Tash I did a bread making class at Sur la Table.  It was a lot of fun and we learned quite a bit.  Bread seems to be a common thing that keeps coming up lately in my life.  The night before I made this recipe I met my friend Scotty forRead more

Another Seafood Cocktail?!

Something strange that seems to happen is that I have very similar recipes all clumped together.  In the summer I had endless soup recipes.  Well 2 recipes ago I had a scallop and shrimp cocktail recipe.  Well when I opened the next book I found I have another seafood cocktail recipe, or Salpicon de Mariscos, asRead more

Easy Scallop and Shrimp Cocktail

The next cookbook up is one of my few Mexican cookbooks.  It’s called Mexican Made Easy by Marcela Valladolid.  The recipe tagged was for Scallop and Shrimp Cocktail.  This recipe was pretty quick and easy so there aren’t many photos.  We had it as a snack one night while watching Shameless.

Not my favorite of salads

As I have stated a bunch before I love Vietnamese food.  I will also say I have had this next dish in a restaurant before and liked it…so even though this recipe was a fail for me, it could have been my technique or it could have been the actual recipe I was following.

Easy and Delicious Appetizer

already done!!

Matt was coming home from a trip right around dinner time so it seemed perfect to make the next recipe, an appetizer, for his arrival.  The recipe came from Charles Phan’s cookbook The Slanted Door.

Oui Oui…100% Possible and a French Feast

let's eat

Sunday was a fun day (get it??)  We spend the day with friends and I made a recipe from the cookbook French Feasts, grab your own by clicking the link below.  It’s a beautiful cookbook and with Christmas coming (we are in December already!!) it is sure to make a great gift.

Al and Rosemary – Cooking for Dummies

looking great!

That isn’t just a funny title for this blog post – it’s the name of the next cookbook!  Cooking For Dummies by Bryan Miller and Marie Rama is a great reference guide for cooking that includes recipes. The recipe I had tagged was for Sautéed Peppered Sirloin of Beef.  Al joined me in the kitchenRead more

Cooking with Rosemary and IVAN!

cool aerial shot of grabbing food.

Summer is winding down 🙁  We decided to have our usual crew over for our last “sure” pool party of the summer.  I had a recipe from the next cookbook in line “Stonewall Kitchen Appetizers” by Jonathan King, Jim Scott & Kathy Gunst.  (If you click on the book below it will bring you to AmazonRead more

The Final Birthday Dish – Thai Fish with Shrimp

Most of the food from the potluck...

Matt’s birthday ended with a bang (or as Andy would say a BOOM).  We had a potluck style meal.  The dish I made came from Quick and Easy’s Stir-Fry Cookbook.  Backstory on the cookbook – I actually bought this cookbook for Matt on our first Easter together.  I also bought a wok and filled it with allRead more

Flavorful Thai Soup

vibrant and flavorful!

Guess what?!  Another soup recipe in the summer!!  This one comes from the cookbook “Thai Street Food” by David Thompson.  This is the largest cookbook I have, it doesn’t fit on my book shelf upright but it contains beautiful huge pictures of each recipe.

Sauce Bar

Last week I helped with a BBQ at work.  The menu consisted of shish kabobs, salads and rice.  To compliment the meat and veggies on the kabobs I offered to make a few sauces.  The sauce “bar” was a pretty big hit!