Sauce or Salsa

I had tagged a recipe for a salsa in one of my Mexican cookbooks. But the salsa did not contain the typical salsa ingredients.  No tomatoes in a salsa??  WHAT???  Well what ended up being created, while called a salsa in the cookbook, I would consider a sauce.  A very complex sauce that takes yourRead more

Ahi Tuna – super fast, super tasty!

I seem to be in a bit of seafood kick right now. In my last post I made a super easy clam recipe and really hope some readers do try that recipe.  Not only is it good but it’s a sense of accomplishment to use an ingredient which can be intimating.  This next recipe usesRead more

Fish Fry…and mayonnaise woes…

messy but edible!

I CANNOT make mayonnaise.  I have tried several time using various recipes and it NEVER works out.  But I keep trying in the hopes that one day I will be able to master making mayonnaise.

Poached Veggies with Sweet Sesame Dressing

Well this one was kind of a failure, on a couple of levels, but not necessarily the fault of the cookbook I used, Plenty.  Plenty is a vegetarian cookbook, and if you are into that sort of thing you will be happy to know a second cookbook, Plenty More, was recently released.

Pulled Pork – kind of…

Closed bun view.

It has been fun now that I am getting back to cookbooks I have already visited and comparing to what I made the last time round.  Last time I used this cookbook I made a BBQ burger, you can read all about it here.

Al and Rosemary – Cooking for Dummies

looking great!

That isn’t just a funny title for this blog post – it’s the name of the next cookbook!  Cooking For Dummies by Bryan Miller and Marie Rama is a great reference guide for cooking that includes recipes. The recipe I had tagged was for Sautéed Peppered Sirloin of Beef.  Al joined me in the kitchenRead more

Sauce Bar

Last week I helped with a BBQ at work.  The menu consisted of shish kabobs, salads and rice.  To compliment the meat and veggies on the kabobs I offered to make a few sauces.  The sauce “bar” was a pretty big hit!