Easy Roast Chicken and Seasonal Vegetables

This past Christmas I received several new cookbooks.  This is the first of the new (Christmas) cookbooks I am trying a recipe from.  So far I am impressed!  The recipe I made was easy to follow, gave some great tips (which I even learned something new) and had options for vegetables medleys to use basedRead more

Easy Veitnamese

I find that lemongrass is kind of an odd thing. For being a stalk of grass I find it really strange that it carries such a citrus scent and flavor.  Lemongrass is used as an herb in Asian cuisine (which is how the next recipe uses it) but also as a medicinal herb in IndiaRead more

When it’s too cold to grill

Well, as luck would have it now that our unseasonably warm weather has left us the next cookbook on my shelf is a grilling cookbook. Also as luck would have it, after getting home late for work I found the propane of my grill was empty.  (Actually I think that last one was actually luckRead more


Mushrooms. They are an ingredient that I have never really liked.  Well I like sauces and such made with mushrooms, but actually eating a mushroom is not my thing.  So when I opened the next cookbook in line, I was surprised I had actually tagged a recipe which featured mushrooms.  But in the quest toRead more

A salmon day

We had a busy fun exhausting weekend.  So when you notice there aren’t too many “in progress” photos of this recipe, it’s because while cooking my friend Tash asked me if I was going to take any pictures…I was half way done with the cooking at that point…oops.  So I’ve tried to make up forRead more

Actually Cooking with Rosemary!! Actually good…


So a recipe that actually uses rosemary.  And it comes from Tom Colichio’s Think Like a Chef cookbook.  The recipe tagged was for roasted leg of lamb.  I am not a huge lamb lover but Matt loves it so when I tagged this recipe long ago I did so for him.  Love you Matt <3

Easy dinner party roast beef

Potatoes and salad courtesy of Jamie and Tash. Horseradish courtesy of Al.

Next up for the cookbook project is the cookbook In the Charcuterie by Taylor Boetticher and Toponia Miller.

Tom Colicchio Steak!!

check out those flaky pieces of Maldon Salt melting and enhancing the steak!

STEAK!  Let me just say how much I love steak – I f-ing love steak!  I also love Top Chef.  Top Chef is my favorite reality tv show.  Top Chef has really been an inspiring turning point in my life getting more into wanting to try things in the kitchen and actually wanting to beRead more