New Beginning!!

So I’ve made the leap, I’ve left  my career in architecture of nearly 15 years to begin a new career in the culinary field!!  In the coming weeks I will be redoing my website to offer personal cheffing and catering services while continuing to share great recipes on my blog….stay tuned for that!  On theRead more

Seasonal Ingredient

So for the first time in when I started this cookbook project I’ve hit a road block.  I open the next cookbook in line and the recipe tagged is for a grilled corn on the cob in husk.  It’s winter in Ontario and while I went to about 5 different stores/markets I was unable toRead more

Steak Sandwich and Pickled Carrot Slaw

I will start out by saying that this next recipe had a lot to live up to.  It came from the cookbook Street Food Diaries which last time I made a recipe from the cookbook Hunter proclaimed it was the best burger he ever ate (you can read all about it here).