Mushrooms. They are an ingredient that I have never really liked.  Well I like sauces and such made with mushrooms, but actually eating a mushroom is not my thing.  So when I opened the next cookbook in line, I was surprised I had actually tagged a recipe which featured mushrooms.  But in the quest toRead more

Remember when we saw Gin Blossoms?

“Remember when we saw Gin Blossoms,” my cousin Rachel said as we were walking back to my house from Windsor’s Fork & Cork Festival, literally minutes after watching Gin Blossoms preform.  A few weekends ago my cousin Rachel and her husband Kenny came to visit from Chicago.  We had a short amount of time butRead more

Surprisingly good chicken wings

mouth watering

To start off with, I have not had any “winning” recipes yet from this cookbook.  So my hopes were not all that high for this next recipe to be a winner.  But to my surprise I really liked it, I mean I really really liked it.  The recipe came from The Portlandia Cookbook (which wasRead more

Bizarro Riblets

One of my favorite shows to watch is Portlandia.  Portlandia is a sketch comedy show staring Saturday Night Live alum Fred Armisen along with Carrie Brownstein.  They play all sorts of characters.  It is a pretty funny, yet out there, kind of bizarre show.  I was really excited when my friend Jen got me “The Portlandia Cookbook” byRead more