New Beginning!!

So I’ve made the leap, I’ve left  my career in architecture of nearly 15 years to begin a new career in the culinary field!!  In the coming weeks I will be redoing my website to offer personal cheffing and catering services while continuing to share great recipes on my blog….stay tuned for that!  On theRead more


I really like mussels.  But they have to be fresh!  Whenever buying mussels I make sure that any open mussels stay shut when I squeeze them.  I also smell them.  If you pick up a bag of mussels and you place it under your nose it might look weird, but if they smell rotten you won’tRead more

Perfect Day for Soup

Let's eat!

Brrrrr….it’s super cold out.  We are smack dab in the middle of January and winter temperatures finally decided to come, full fledge!  This particular night Matt was traveling so Maike came over for dinner and a movie.  I was very happy to see the next recipe tagged was a soup recipe.