Ahi Tuna – super fast, super tasty!

I seem to be in a bit of seafood kick right now. In my last post I made a super easy clam recipe and really hope some readers do try that recipe.  Not only is it good but it’s a sense of accomplishment to use an ingredient which can be intimating.  This next recipe usesRead more

Baking Empanadas

just like Mexico!

I am no fan of baking.  But in my quest to continue to learn and improve my skill I make sure to include baking recipes.  Why don’t I enjoy baking?  If I had to guess it’s because I really don’t like sweet foods, so I don’t find joy in making sweet foods.  I was reallyRead more

Breakfast before Tweed

One of the fun events in Windsor Matt and I try to do each year is the Tweed Ride.  It’s a bicycle ride where you are encouraged to ride vintage bicycles and wear vintage clothing.  The ride itself goes around the city making stops at bars and restaurants along the way.  The morning of theRead more

More Breakfast, Baking This Time


Oh baking.  Not my thing but you know…part of the reason for my cookbook project is to cook new things and improve upon my cooking.  So I guess that includes baking.  And right off the heels of my last breakfast recipe, I whipped up another breakfast recipe.  This time from a Gordon Ramsey cookbook!

Mini Yummy Breakfast Sandwich

I am a runner…or should I say I try to be a runner.  When I am running regularly it’s awesome, but as soon as I don’t run for a week/week and half it’s an uphill battle to get back into it.  Before making this next recipe, which  coincidently came from a cookbook aimed to cookRead more

Did I really tag a recipe for Okra?

this is okra

Did I really tag a recipe for okra was what I was thinking when I opened the next cookbook in line.  Even though I have never cooked with (or probably ate) okra I couldn’t imagine it being good.  But my friend Al loves okra so perhaps about 6 months ago when I last used thisRead more

Breakfast for Hangovers?

This year for my birthday, my friend Tash got me a cookbook.  It’s not your typical cookbook, it’s a cookbook geared to be great hangover foods.  I figured I would make my first recipe from the book on a weekend morning after spending the previous night out.

Cooking on Vaca!

grande bucket of beer on the beach!

Matt and I just spent a lovely 9 days in Mexico.  We go to Puerto Vallarta each winter.  I started going around 15 years ago with my mom and some friends of my mom (which are now my friends too :).  Eventually our annual trip grew to included Matt and last year we also brought Matt’sRead more

Another Seafood Cocktail?!

Something strange that seems to happen is that I have very similar recipes all clumped together.  In the summer I had endless soup recipes.  Well 2 recipes ago I had a scallop and shrimp cocktail recipe.  Well when I opened the next book I found I have another seafood cocktail recipe, or Salpicon de Mariscos, asRead more

Kind of a goodbye brunch to Maike

Maike has been living with Matt’s mom for about 6 months now while on exchange with the Rotary Club which means it’s time for  her to move in with another host family to finish up her year.  Matt’s mom had a bit of a “going away” brunch for Maike and I decided to check theRead more

Not my favorite of salads

As I have stated a bunch before I love Vietnamese food.  I will also say I have had this next dish in a restaurant before and liked it…so even though this recipe was a fail for me, it could have been my technique or it could have been the actual recipe I was following.

Lobster Fail


One of the days during our break from work between Christmas and New Years I decided to make breakfast for Matt and I.  My next cookbook cooperated with a breakfast recipe as the next recipe I had tagged.  It came from The Great Lobster Cookbook by Matt Dean Pettit.

Yummy Pub Food


I have to say I am so far really impressed with the next cookbook.  It’s called Great Pub Food: Make Home Your New Local.  Everything I have tried from the book, including the Beef and Guinness Pies I made last time I used this book, have been great!  Perhaps it would make a great Christmas gift for someoneRead more

Breakfast Sandwich for Breakfast

time to eat!

I am finding while doing this project that I am making a lot of soups and a lot of breakfast sandwiches.  Well here’s another breakfast sandwich.  It comes from the cookbook The Truck Food Cookbook.

More Breakfast? This time fruit!

I am on a breakfast bender I guess.  Well there are probably worse things I could be on a bender for.  The next recipe comes from another one of my new cookbooks, Gordon Ramsay’s Healthy Appetite.

Another Breakfast – Ham and Swiss Sandwich

Along with the cookbook Thug Kitchen, see last post, Matt had brought me another cookbook  home from the same business trip.  The other cookbook is called The Feed Zone Cookbook.  It’s made for athletes so the recipes tend to be healthy but also high in protein.