Chicken Caesar Salad

Every year when we go to Mexico we seem to always dine at the restaurant No Way Jose.  The main dining room of the restaurant is on the second floor of a building with an open roof – it makes for a nice setting.  The restaurant serves contemporary Mexican cuisine.  It’s thoughtful, creative and delicious.  The ownerRead more

Best Tomato Soup

This week’s posts are all about soups! Tomato soup may seem like a basic soup but I promise you this take on tomato soup is not basic at all.  When I made this soup I was fully expecting to only serve it and not actually have a bowl.  But when I tasted it I changedRead more


Like most people out there it’s important for my lifestyle to have quick and easy dinners recipes for busy weeknights. A lot of times I try to prepare sauces or do prep whenever possible during the weekends when I have more time. This next recipe was one where I did make the sauce ahead ofRead more

Baking Empanadas

just like Mexico!

I am no fan of baking.  But in my quest to continue to learn and improve my skill I make sure to include baking recipes.  Why don’t I enjoy baking?  If I had to guess it’s because I really don’t like sweet foods, so I don’t find joy in making sweet foods.  I was reallyRead more

Mini Yummy Breakfast Sandwich

I am a runner…or should I say I try to be a runner.  When I am running regularly it’s awesome, but as soon as I don’t run for a week/week and half it’s an uphill battle to get back into it.  Before making this next recipe, which  coincidently came from a cookbook aimed to cookRead more

Breakfast for Hangovers?

This year for my birthday, my friend Tash got me a cookbook.  It’s not your typical cookbook, it’s a cookbook geared to be great hangover foods.  I figured I would make my first recipe from the book on a weekend morning after spending the previous night out.

Easy Scallop and Shrimp Cocktail

The next cookbook up is one of my few Mexican cookbooks.  It’s called Mexican Made Easy by Marcela Valladolid.  The recipe tagged was for Scallop and Shrimp Cocktail.  This recipe was pretty quick and easy so there aren’t many photos.  We had it as a snack one night while watching Shameless.


Let's Eat!!

In recent years Food Trucks have become a big deal around US and Canada.  They offer another option for hungry people outside the confines of a typical restaurant.  Typically the food served from food trucks is easy to eat with your hands not requiring utensils.  Food trucks also tend be pretty creative and offer different flavorRead more



I have to say that after two recipe fails I was in need of a homerun.  My next book in line was Frame by Frame Quick & Easy by Parragon Books Ltd.  Each recipe in the cookbook includes step by step pictures of the recipe being made.