Burger Queen

I have the reputation in my home for making delicious burgers. A couple of years ago I made my son Hunter a burger that when he took a bite he proclaimed that it was the best burger he’s ever eaten.  Hunter even asked that I remake that burger for his birthday dinner last year.  WhenRead more

Summer of Fresh Rolls

So loyal readers will remember last summer I made a crazy amount of soup recipes…at exactly the time of year you don’t actually want soup.  As it just so happened the stars aligned and cookbook after cookbook I opened to find I had tagged a soup recipe.  Well this summer instead of finding I hadRead more


This week a new restaurant opened in Walkerville.  It’s called Ceilidh Maritime Pub located at 1801 Wyandotte Street East.  I went opening night to check it out.  They serve East Coast Maritime food, which means seafood!  Lots of seafood!!  (If you aren’t into seafood you won’t have much to choose from…but since I love seafood theRead more


Another new cookbook and another ingredient I haven’t had much experience cooking, artichokes!!  I love marinated artichokes from the jar so I was excited to make a recipe with the fresh form of the vegetable.  Also an element of this recipe was to make a mayonnaise, something I have had difficulties mastering, but I reallyRead more

Never say Never…

Matt and I are approaching our 2 year anniversary.  We had a very romantic wedding in Las Vegas, just the two of us.  When we came home we had a big celebration at our house.  To keep it “simple” we hired a couple of people to cook hotdogs and hamburgers on demand and had a “bar”Read more

Cooking on Vaca!

grande bucket of beer on the beach!

Matt and I just spent a lovely 9 days in Mexico.  We go to Puerto Vallarta each winter.  I started going around 15 years ago with my mom and some friends of my mom (which are now my friends too :).  Eventually our annual trip grew to included Matt and last year we also brought Matt’sRead more

Fish Fry…and mayonnaise woes…

messy but edible!

I CANNOT make mayonnaise.  I have tried several time using various recipes and it NEVER works out.  But I keep trying in the hopes that one day I will be able to master making mayonnaise.

Smoked chicken and guacamole squares

no fancy three tiered serving platter here!

Square in this case is a fancy way to say sandwich.  Sandwiches were the crust is trimmed off and cut into 2 bite pieces.  The sandwiches I imagine are served on a three tiered serving platter at tea.  Well these are the sandwiches I made next!

My favorite cooking companion is back!

Sorry Al, Maike has replaced you in becoming my favorite person to cook with.  With Matt traveling again Maike came over to keep me company and hopefully learn another great meal to impress  her family with when she returns to Germany.  I gave Maike a heads up prior to her coming over as to whatRead more