Herb Garden Pasta

For Christmas this past year my brother and sister-in-law wanted an indoor herb garden. Getting them this indoor herb garden was harder than I thought.  In Windsor every grocery store I shop at seem to have potted herb plants in the produce department.  Stateside I went to SEVERAL grocery stores, called a few more andRead more

Cooking with Rosemary Gift Recomendations

I thought it might be fun to take a bit of a break from cooking (well there is a recipe hidden in the description of the last gift recommendation) to share with all my readers some of my favorite cookbooks and cooking products.  Since we are in December and the holidays are soon approaching perhaps you needRead more

When it’s too cold to grill

Well, as luck would have it now that our unseasonably warm weather has left us the next cookbook on my shelf is a grilling cookbook. Also as luck would have it, after getting home late for work I found the propane of my grill was empty.  (Actually I think that last one was actually luckRead more

Yum Broccoli Pasta

this is good dinner!

The more and more I cook recipes from cookbooks the more and more I find there are some pretty terrible cookbooks out there.  Cookbooks where it seems nobody actually proofread or tried out the recipes.  Perhaps some of my funnier/more popular posts are those that have recipes that don’t work out.  Well sorry to disappointRead more

Simple Simple


As many already know I am a big believer in easy weeknight dinners.  I don’t want to have to prep a ton of ingredients and spend a lot of time actively cooking after getting home from work.  This next recipe delivered on that, which was much appreciated because after work with Matt out of townRead more

Surprising great dinner

Ok so this is the pasta reheated the next day...I totally forgot to take a picture before eating, it looked much more yummy the day I made it.

I have to admit when I opened the next cookbook in line and saw the recipe tagged I wasn’t that excited.  It seemed kind of blah but as soon as I took my first bite I immediately was happy with the results!  The cookbook the recipe came from is The Minimalist Cooks Dinner by MarkRead more

Another Bittman Soup?!

I continued the project with my second Mark Bittman cookbook, How to Cook Everything – you can read about my attempt of making a soup recipe from my other Mark Bittman cookbook here.  As it happens I also no longer have the book jacket for this Mark Bittman cookbook either and also as it happens the recipe IRead more