Let’s make something with Rose Water!

I love using new ingredients! A few months ago my friend Sandy gave me a bottle of rose water for my birthday.  Rose water is made by steeping rose petals in water.  Its flavor is used quite a bit in Persian cuisine.  Rose water is also used in cosmetics and has medicinal uses as well. Read more

Simple Simple


As many already know I am a big believer in easy weeknight dinners.  I don’t want to have to prep a ton of ingredients and spend a lot of time actively cooking after getting home from work.  This next recipe delivered on that, which was much appreciated because after work with Matt out of townRead more

Actually Cooking with Rosemary!! Actually good…


So a recipe that actually uses rosemary.  And it comes from Tom Colichio’s Think Like a Chef cookbook.  The recipe tagged was for roasted leg of lamb.  I am not a huge lamb lover but Matt loves it so when I tagged this recipe long ago I did so for him.  Love you Matt <3

Rice Noodle Salad

looks better than it tastes

Well I had a good streak of good recipes going, this recipe sadly ends that streak.  The recipe comes from the book Barbecue by Clare Ferguson.