Grilled Zucchini and Salmon with Kale Pesto

As the weather is turning colder I find myself wanting to use my grill a few more times before it requires putting on boots and a coat to do some grilling. I picked up some salmon, which happened to be on sale and put together a delicious dinner!

Grilling outside in November

Can anyone believe we are in November and temperatures are still in the 60’s?! Milking summer, I mean fall for all it’s worth I decided to make use of our new outdoor grill to cook dinner outside on it this past weekend.  Don’t worry, for those who don’t have such an awesome outdoor grill thisRead more

Brine Time

  Another new for me in this next blog post, brining! I’ve never really brined before but seemed like a good time as any to try out brining.  Brining is similar to marinating.  You place your meat in a liquid for a certain amount of time.  Except when a marinade tends to be more ofRead more

Tomato Hater No Mo

Are you ready for this, another tomato recipe from a person who really doesn’t like tomatoes. My Tash now says I am not allowed to consider myself or call myself a tomato hater since I have now successfully made several dishes which feature tomatoes and not only do I eat them but I also likeRead more

Sauce or Salsa

I had tagged a recipe for a salsa in one of my Mexican cookbooks. But the salsa did not contain the typical salsa ingredients.  No tomatoes in a salsa??  WHAT???  Well what ended up being created, while called a salsa in the cookbook, I would consider a sauce.  A very complex sauce that takes yourRead more

Easy Panini

I really enjoy those long, several day process recipes. I look forward to spending that time in my kitchen and after working on something for days and days to finally taste the result.  Oddly equally also really like those quick and easy recipes.  The ones that you can throw together in minutes.  This next recipe isRead more

Konnichiwa from Japan!


This blog post comes to you from Japan!  I am here with my husband, Matt, and our two friends Tash and Jamie.  Currently we are on top of an mountain located in a very remote area on the island of Shikoku off of the main body of Japan.  

Remember when we saw Gin Blossoms?

“Remember when we saw Gin Blossoms,” my cousin Rachel said as we were walking back to my house from Windsor’s Fork & Cork Festival, literally minutes after watching Gin Blossoms preform.  A few weekends ago my cousin Rachel and her husband Kenny came to visit from Chicago.  We had a short amount of time butRead more

Fun with Fish

start of the 20 minutes

MultiFood in Windsor is quickly becoming a favorite place for to grab groceries.  They have a lot of ingredients that I haven’t been able to find at other stores in the area.  For example – banana leaves, they have them, which was perfect because I needed them for this next recipe.  MultiFood also  has anRead more

Roasted then Smoked

We are recipe 2 out of 3 of the recipes I made for pool guests a few weekends ago.  This next recipe was a bit different because it required to me to make a fun contraption to smoke the food.  I’m not really sure how well the smoker contraption really worked but it was fun toRead more

Another new Cookbook!

A few weekends ago we were in Chicago for my cousin Ryan’s wedding and our nephew Nathan’s 2nd birthday.  I had a proud Auntie moment when playing with Nathan in his play kitchen.  Along with all his fake food  he had a pig beanie baby.  I put the pig in with a pot and pretendedRead more

Almost too much excitement for one post!

so totally forgot to photograph the corn before diving into here's a photo mid eating.

So something which was very exciting for me was I had a request from a blog reader for me to cook some Indian recipes.  Not to let my readers down I immediately ordered an Indian cookbook.  Something else very exciting happened the night before I made the recipe from the Indian cookbook, I was invited toRead more

Korean? Short Ribs

I mentioned Walkerville’s newest restaurant F&B a few posts ago.  Well here I go again on F&B.  Something that Matt and I always order when we go are the Korean Ribs.  We crave them actually.  So when I opened up my next cookbook and saw the recipe was for Korean Short Ribs I was immediatelyRead more

Burger Time

Another busy exhausting weekend!  This past weekend we had my mom along with friends Di and Jeff visit from Chicago.  We went to Art in The Park  and to see (half of) The Monkees at Caesars Windsor.  Come Sunday night I was pretty exhausted so I decided to make a fast and easy recipe for dinner.

A Matt favorite dinner

check out these bad boys!

Matt and I had spent a portion of the week in Montreal.  We ate some GREAT food and really noticed the difference between how food and serving are treated in Montreal vs. Windsor.  Food seems to be elevated in Montreal and servers seem to really respect what they do.  Not to say food and service isRead more

Easter Fun!

This year for Easter we stuck around home instead of traveling.  We got invited to our friends Brad and Jo’s house for a fish fry/bonfire on Saturday.  The next cookbook in line was the one and only baking cookbook I own…not even sure why I own it?  I am not a dessert person so itRead more