An unusual delicious way to make fried chicken

I love when I get to try out new cooking tools and appliances for the first time. In this next recipe I had to purchase a Chinese bamboo steamer basket.  Well actually I have been eyeing these steamer baskets every time I shop at my Asian grocery store MultiFood, this next recipe gave me theRead more

A little bit of home…

looks yum!

Growing up my favorite dinner that my mom ever made was a German-esque dish of sliced potatoes, bacon and onions.  My dad wasn’t fond of the dish, too breakfasty for him, so we would only ever have it on the rare occasions when my dad wasn’t be home for dinner.  As an adult I haveRead more

Squid Salad

I really dislike wasting food.  I do my best to only purchase food that I will use.  It’s not always easy, schedules change, things come up, plans change and as a result I end up with rotten food.  This next recipe I was originally going to make a week ago, but life happened and IRead more


Another new cookbook and another ingredient I haven’t had much experience cooking, artichokes!!  I love marinated artichokes from the jar so I was excited to make a recipe with the fresh form of the vegetable.  Also an element of this recipe was to make a mayonnaise, something I have had difficulties mastering, but I reallyRead more

Fish Fry…and mayonnaise woes…

messy but edible!

I CANNOT make mayonnaise.  I have tried several time using various recipes and it NEVER works out.  But I keep trying in the hopes that one day I will be able to master making mayonnaise.

Hunter’s Birthday!

For Hunter’s 18th birthday we gave him the option of where he wanted to go for dinner.  He said he wanted to eat at home and for me to make the best burger he ever ate again.  I was very excited he wanted me to cook for him rather than go out so I reachedRead more

Kind of a goodbye brunch to Maike

Maike has been living with Matt’s mom for about 6 months now while on exchange with the Rotary Club which means it’s time for  her to move in with another host family to finish up her year.  Matt’s mom had a bit of a “going away” brunch for Maike and I decided to check theRead more

Not my favorite of salads

As I have stated a bunch before I love Vietnamese food.  I will also say I have had this next dish in a restaurant before and liked it…so even though this recipe was a fail for me, it could have been my technique or it could have been the actual recipe I was following.

Japanese stuffed peppers

What?  Another Japanese recipe?  YES!  Another complicated very precise Japanese recipe.  I am up for the challenge.

The Best Burger Hunter Ever Ate

Get ready to taste amazingness!!

“This is the best burger I have ever had!” proclaimed my son Hunter after taking his first bite into the burger I gave to him.  The kid has consumed a lot of burgers in his life so it really was a compliment.  The recipe came from Street Food Diaries by Matt Basile.  It is another cookbookRead more