Spice Hoarder

Indian food is not a cuisine I am very familiar with be it eating or cooking. What better way to get acquainted with a cuisine than to buy a cookbook and start making some of the dishes?!  I also found that while I have a ton of different spices, I needed to purchase several ofRead more

Gluten Free Lettuce Wraps

Being sad that the weather is turning cold 🙁 (our pool was just closed yesterday – I was really hoping summer would rally!) I was craving something “summer-y” yet warming.  Lettuce wraps seemed like the perfect dinner to satisfy both of my cravings.


I really like mussels.  But they have to be fresh!  Whenever buying mussels I make sure that any open mussels stay shut when I squeeze them.  I also smell them.  If you pick up a bag of mussels and you place it under your nose it might look weird, but if they smell rotten you won’tRead more

Flavorful Thai Soup

vibrant and flavorful!

Guess what?!  Another soup recipe in the summer!!  This one comes from the cookbook “Thai Street Food” by David Thompson.  This is the largest cookbook I have, it doesn’t fit on my book shelf upright but it contains beautiful huge pictures of each recipe.