Rice Noodle Salad

looks better than it tastes

Well I had a good streak of good recipes going, this recipe sadly ends that streak.  The recipe comes from the book Barbecue by Clare Ferguson.

ANOTHER Beef and Noodle Soup


I have to say as I get more and more into cooking I am becoming more and more a fan of Mark Bittman.  I own several of his cookbooks and the recipe from today’s post comes from one of the first cookbooks I ever bought, How to Cook Everything.  I HIGHLY recommend this book forRead more

Fasted Dinner Ever!


I have to say I really like fast yet flavorful recipes during the week.  This next one I think is the fasted that I’ve ever made and is now in my regular rotation.  It comes from the cookbook Frame by Frame Quick & Easy by Parragon Books Ltd.  I bought it originally because I likedRead more

Beef Noodle Soup

Now that the weather is cooling off it’s nice to have a soup recipe next in line!  This recipe comes from 1 Stock, 100 Soups by Linda Doeser.  As the title states the cookbook contains 100 soup recipes which use 1 stock to create them.

Pulled Pork – kind of…

Closed bun view.

It has been fun now that I am getting back to cookbooks I have already visited and comparing to what I made the last time round.  Last time I used this cookbook I made a BBQ burger, you can read all about it here.


Time to Eat!!

For dinner this particular night I decided to tackle 2 cookbook recipes.  The first cookbook for the evening was World Market’s Seafood.  World Market is one of Matt’s and my favorite stores to visit when visiting family in suburban Chicago.  There are several locations throughout the states and one happens to be VERY close toRead more

Cooking with Rosemary and IVAN!

cool aerial shot of grabbing food.

Summer is winding down 🙁  We decided to have our usual crew over for our last “sure” pool party of the summer.  I had a recipe from the next cookbook in line “Stonewall Kitchen Appetizers” by Jonathan King, Jim Scott & Kathy Gunst.  (If you click on the book below it will bring you to AmazonRead more

Cod Stuffed Peppers – lot of work but worth it!

get eaten!

Warning…this post is a long one, lots of steps, lots of pictures and while I am guessing probably nobody will make these, due to all the work they take, I have typed up the recipe anyway because they are worth it and I really hope someone will make these!  The recipe comes from Tapas by JoyceRead more

The Final Birthday Dish – Thai Fish with Shrimp

Most of the food from the potluck...

Matt’s birthday ended with a bang (or as Andy would say a BOOM).  We had a potluck style meal.  The dish I made came from Quick and Easy’s Stir-Fry Cookbook.  Backstory on the cookbook – I actually bought this cookbook for Matt on our first Easter together.  I also bought a wok and filled it with allRead more

And the birthday continues – Shrimp Toasts

you're served!

Matt’s birthday continues on with Shrimp Toasts.  The recipe came from “Everyday Chinese”  by Paragon Books.

Totally normal to clean squid while being in the pool

For my handsome husband Matt’s birthday we invited over our collection of friends for a day of swimming and eating.  I decided to tackle 4 cookbook recipes in one day!  The first cookbook recipe came from “The Food of Vietnam” by Luke Nguyen.

The Summer of Soup Continues!

The reasons there are no "in process" photos is because this soup came together really fast...no time for photos!

Our next in The Summer of Soup series comes from the cookbook “Simple Chinese Cooking” by Kylie Kwong.

Flavorful Thai Soup

vibrant and flavorful!

Guess what?!  Another soup recipe in the summer!!  This one comes from the cookbook “Thai Street Food” by David Thompson.  This is the largest cookbook I have, it doesn’t fit on my book shelf upright but it contains beautiful huge pictures of each recipe.

The Best Burger Hunter Ever Ate

Get ready to taste amazingness!!

“This is the best burger I have ever had!” proclaimed my son Hunter after taking his first bite into the burger I gave to him.  The kid has consumed a lot of burgers in his life so it really was a compliment.  The recipe came from Street Food Diaries by Matt Basile.  It is another cookbookRead more