Quick and Easy Scallops

Scallops are the fast thing I seem to make, and also the easiest.  They literally are placed in a hot pan with oil for a minute and then flipped and cooked another minute.  So if you, like me, like to have some quick weeknight dinners to pull out of your back pocket here is another oneRead more

Trick or Scallops

  Ok so there is no trick, only scallops.  But Happy Halloween everyone!!  Scallops are one of those ingredients which are a treat. I love not only eating scallops but since scallops cook quickly they make for a nice fast dinner to cook.  But scallops can be expensive so I really don’t cook them allRead more

Smoked chicken and guacamole squares

no fancy three tiered serving platter here!

Square in this case is a fancy way to say sandwich.  Sandwiches were the crust is trimmed off and cut into 2 bite pieces.  The sandwiches I imagine are served on a three tiered serving platter at tea.  Well these are the sandwiches I made next!

Cooking with Rosemary and IVAN!

cool aerial shot of grabbing food.

Summer is winding down 🙁  We decided to have our usual crew over for our last “sure” pool party of the summer.  I had a recipe from the next cookbook in line “Stonewall Kitchen Appetizers” by Jonathan King, Jim Scott & Kathy Gunst.  (If you click on the book below it will bring you to AmazonRead more

Marinated Trout and Cucumber Tarts

ready to serve

We had some short notice visitors this weekend – my mom and Diane had plans to go to friend’s cottage which fell through so they came to Windsor instead!  They assisted in the next recipe which came from the cookbook “Fingerfood” by Murdoch Books.

And the birthday continues – Shrimp Toasts

you're served!

Matt’s birthday continues on with Shrimp Toasts.  The recipe came from “Everyday Chinese”  by Paragon Books.