Beets taste like dirt.

Thinks I love in this picture: Japanese knife Things I don't love in this picture: beets

As my cooking and skills in culinary continue to increase I have decided to evolve in my blog posts.  Going forward I have decided to no longer post about each and every recipe I make in my cookbook project, instead I will only blog about those exceptional recipes. Those I really want to share andRead more

Not as planned

Sometimes you make something and it doesn’t turn out quite as expected, but it still turns out good.  It’s a happy accident.  A few years ago I was at friends Brad and Jo’s house and I was asked to prepare the salad.  I mixed greens with oil and vinegar and then sprinkled on salt and whatRead more

The Last for Thai Street Food

The next recipe tagged will the be last recipe I will be making from this cookbook.  I have gone through the entire book and have not found another recipe that peaks my interest.  It is a beautiful book, very large with lots of great photos.  But I have really had a hard time finding recipesRead more

A salmon day

We had a busy fun exhausting weekend.  So when you notice there aren’t too many “in progress” photos of this recipe, it’s because while cooking my friend Tash asked me if I was going to take any pictures…I was half way done with the cooking at that point…oops.  So I’ve tried to make up forRead more

Dumbo Gumbo!

Gumbo is delicious!  Fishbone’s in Detroit has my favorite restaurant version of the this flavorful Louisiana style stew.  And back in the winter when I made a New Orleans birthday feast for my friend Andy (read about it here) I had included a delicious gumbo.  My taste buds started to water when I opened up theRead more

NOT Matzo Ball Soup!

This looks in no way appetizing

What is more frustrating that cooking an entire day…and I am mean an entire day (starting at 10 AM and finishing at 7 PM) and the meal not working out?  I don’t think many things are much more frustrating that that!  Well welcome to my Saturday!  A day I devoted to cooking only to haveRead more

Recipe of LIES!!

Rosemary's Way

One of the things I am finding as I am going though my cookbook project is that it doesn’t really seem like all published recipes in cookbooks are actually ever tested prior to being published.  My next recipe falls into on of those recipes that I don’t think was ever tested…or even proof read.  SadlyRead more

Crumbly mess pork burgers

Well it’s winter and I am grilling outside!  I was super excited to fire up the grill for this next recipe but my hopes of a great burger were diminished when I realized the elements of the burger were not sticking together.

It’s all in the bread

Last year my friend Tash I did a bread making class at Sur la Table.  It was a lot of fun and we learned quite a bit.  Bread seems to be a common thing that keeps coming up lately in my life.  The night before I made this recipe I met my friend Scotty forRead more

Part Science Experiment, Part Dinner

One of my favorite chefs is David Chang.  For some reason I don’t seem to have much luck mastering his recipes though.  And then I started to think…maybe he doesn’t actually want anyone to master his recipe.  What if this is really just a game or cruel joke.  That was my frame of mind when IRead more

Not my favorite of salads

As I have stated a bunch before I love Vietnamese food.  I will also say I have had this next dish in a restaurant before and liked it…so even though this recipe was a fail for me, it could have been my technique or it could have been the actual recipe I was following.

Lobster Fail


One of the days during our break from work between Christmas and New Years I decided to make breakfast for Matt and I.  My next cookbook cooperated with a breakfast recipe as the next recipe I had tagged.  It came from The Great Lobster Cookbook by Matt Dean Pettit.

A weird way to cook shrimp

they look better than they taste...

The next recipe came from a pretty cookbook  I have, Home Made by Yvette Van Boven.  It’s gives a lot of instruction on techniques for cooking – today’s recipe features a way to make an in-house smoker.  Might I suggest this cookbook would make a great Christmas gift…

Steak Sandwich and Pickled Carrot Slaw

I will start out by saying that this next recipe had a lot to live up to.  It came from the cookbook Street Food Diaries which last time I made a recipe from the cookbook Hunter proclaimed it was the best burger he ever ate (you can read all about it here).

French Onion Fail!

French onion soup minus the cheese

We went on a cruise!!  Our first cruise ever, for a WEEK!  (which was a time for me to be out of the kitchen).  Coming home I reached for the next cookbook in line, Michael Smith’s Best of Chef at Home Essential Recipes for Today’s Kitchen.  The recipe tagged was for French Onion Soup.