Yikes it’s been a while…

Yikes it has been a while since my last post.  Let’s not do that again!  I guess I haven’t spent that much time cooking and coming up with recipes that seem good enough to share.  But I did put together a tasty salad which I think it worthy of sharing, so back to blogging!

Eastern Market Lamb

Eastern Market in Detroit is a super fun place to go. The market is open year round on Saturday’s from 6AM to 4PM.  Not only can you get some really great produce in the farmer market sheds, but the buildings surrounding the sheds are great as well.  You can find a great seafood store, meatRead more

Sauce Bar

Last week I helped with a BBQ at work.  The menu consisted of shish kabobs, salads and rice.  To compliment the meat and veggies on the kabobs I offered to make a few sauces.  The sauce “bar” was a pretty big hit!



I have to say that after two recipe fails I was in need of a homerun.  My next book in line was Frame by Frame Quick & Easy by Parragon Books Ltd.  Each recipe in the cookbook includes step by step pictures of the recipe being made.

Rosemary: Not a Baker

doesn't look messy at all!

I will preface this post by saying that I am not a baker.  And in particular I don’t care for cakes and pastries so making a dessert is really out of my comfort zone.  That said the next book line happens to be the only dessert book I own, and I am not really sureRead more