Cooking on Vaca!

grande bucket of beer on the beach!

Matt and I just spent a lovely 9 days in Mexico.  We go to Puerto Vallarta each winter.  I started going around 15 years ago with my mom and some friends of my mom (which are now my friends too :).  Eventually our annual trip grew to included Matt and last year we also brought Matt’sRead more

Fish Fry…and mayonnaise woes…

messy but edible!

I CANNOT make mayonnaise.  I have tried several time using various recipes and it NEVER works out.  But I keep trying in the hopes that one day I will be able to master making mayonnaise.

Another Attempt at Baking

what the what?! Did I actually make these??

Matt and I spend a lot of time and money at the pub a block from our house, Kildare House.  We joke that Kildare House is our living room.  As a result of all the time we spend in Kildare we have gained several friends.  If anyone is wondering where we picked up Al asRead more