Brick Chicken – a favorite grill recipe…

Summer is right around the corner. I had Matt go out and get a new propane tank for our grill so we can take advantage of the warm weather we are finally having consistently. I went to the market and picked up 2 chickens…yes 2 chickens for 2 people. The way I think of itRead more

Fun with Fish

start of the 20 minutes

MultiFood in Windsor is quickly becoming a favorite place for to grab groceries.  They have a lot of ingredients that I haven’t been able to find at other stores in the area.  For example – banana leaves, they have them, which was perfect because I needed them for this next recipe.  MultiFood also  has anRead more

Almost too much excitement for one post!

so totally forgot to photograph the corn before diving into here's a photo mid eating.

So something which was very exciting for me was I had a request from a blog reader for me to cook some Indian recipes.  Not to let my readers down I immediately ordered an Indian cookbook.  Something else very exciting happened the night before I made the recipe from the Indian cookbook, I was invited toRead more

Pulled Pork – kind of…

Closed bun view.

It has been fun now that I am getting back to cookbooks I have already visited and comparing to what I made the last time round.  Last time I used this cookbook I made a BBQ burger, you can read all about it here.

Mediterranean Grilled Chicken and a Visit with my bro!


Yay!  My brother, Roger, came to visit me!  He doesn’t live close so I don’t get to see him (or my sister-in-law or my adorable nephew) as much as I’d like.  But Rog is a commercial pilot and he was able to manage a leg of a work trip with a day off not tooRead more

Brick Chicken!!!!!!

Eat me!!

Brick Chicken is my favorite chicken recipe to make on the grill.  It’s super tasty and relatively easy.  While it’s not cookbook project recipe it’s so yummy I thought I would share!