one great meal!

Spring is here!! Spring is here!! What better way to celebrate weather warm enough to be outside without a coat than to grill out?  I decided to grill some lobster this past weekend.  I needed a couple of sides to serve with my lobster.  I decided to make a spring vegetable, asparagus and I hadRead more

Easy Healthy Transportable Lunch

Brown rice is something I really have never cared for.  It always seems gritty to me.  And it takes a lot longer to cook than white rice.  But it’s said to be the healthier better choice.  If you haven’t guessed it the next recipe features brown rice…and I have to say it kind of made meRead more

Surprising great dinner

Ok so this is the pasta reheated the next day...I totally forgot to take a picture before eating, it looked much more yummy the day I made it.

I have to admit when I opened the next cookbook in line and saw the recipe tagged I wasn’t that excited.  It seemed kind of blah but as soon as I took my first bite I immediately was happy with the results!  The cookbook the recipe came from is The Minimalist Cooks Dinner by MarkRead more

Back to the BEGINNING!! Grilling – again, kind of…

pretty pretty!

Well remember WAY back when I started my blog and had my first successful dish?  Well it came from the cookbook Grilling by Louise Pickford.

Local Asparagus

Asparagus - you're served!

As stated in the last post, this post is about the asparagus I made to go along with my Tom Colicchio Steak.  The recipe comes from a local cookbook, “Rino’s Kitchen – Cooking Local in Windsor & Essex County” by Rino Bortolin.  For those of you not familiar, Rino Bortolin is a councilor for the cityRead more