Starting the day off right.

Holding back the urge to take a bite...must get a photo first!!

What better way to start off a Sunday morning than a breakfast sandwich with friends?  On Sunday’s Matt and I are athletic and play an hour of tennis with our friends Jamie and Tash.  Sunday really is a fun day and luckily the next recipe worked right into that plan.  


So I kind of forgot to take a picture of the better looking less burnt chicken before eating it. So these pieces were a bit crispier but still really good.

Grilling is actually the title of my next cookbook in line.  It is a small cookbook by an author in Sydney, Louise Parker.  I have no idea where I got this book – if was a gift (sorry if anyone reading bought me this book) or if I bought it.  I have to say IRead more

Let’s get started!

I made the decision to start this blog after an epic fail in the kitchen.  I was making a fish casserole…which when I opened my cookbook and saw the recipe I chose back at the beginning of the year I have no idea why I would have chosen it. To back track…in the last fewRead more