Cooking Classes

Cooking Classes

Have a fun night in with friends and learn how to cook something new!  Best part is once we’ve finished cooking everyone gets to eat!  Choose from the list of classes below or if you have your own idea of food you would love to learn to make I’d love to hear about it and create a custom class!

Paella- Spanish rice dish with the options of chicken, sausage, seafood and/or shellfish

Japanese Ramen-  Noodles served in a rich broth.  Toppings can include pork, seafood, greens, seaweed, eggs and so on

Satay Night- Create various satays – an old fashioned street food found in Mayasia and Indonesia

Stir-fry Night- Create various stir-fry’s using an assortment of meats and vegetables mixed with various sauces

Easy Dinner Party Recipes- Recipes so easy yet impressive – perfect for your next dinner party

Contact me today and we can start planning!

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