Where have I been?!

So I didn’t mean too but I haven’t posted in months!  I have been super busy with zero time…here is a recap of what I’ve been up to since my last post! I apologize in advance for this super long post!

Rest of Japan Trip!

We are now back from Japan and I think/hope jet lag has finally subsided!  If you missed out my last post about Japan (written in Japan when we were half way through our trip) you can read about it here.  After we left our cute little cabin on the top of a mountain on theRead more

Konnichiwa from Japan!


This blog post comes to you from Japan!  I am here with my husband, Matt, and our two friends Tash and Jamie.  Currently we are on top of an mountain located in a very remote area on the island of Shikoku off of the main body of Japan.  

Life is too short not to eat well.

let's eat!

Life is too short not to eat well is written on the wall of the checkout area of Eataly in Chicago.  Founded by Oscar Farinetti and partnered with B&B Hospitality Group, which includes Mario Batali, Eataly is an awesome “store” (meaning much more than a store, you can shop for groceries, eat at any of the many mini restaurants within Eataly,Read more



I have to say that after two recipe fails I was in need of a homerun.  My next book in line was Frame by Frame Quick & Easy by Parragon Books Ltd.  Each recipe in the cookbook includes step by step pictures of the recipe being made.