one great meal!

Spring is here!! Spring is here!! What better way to celebrate weather warm enough to be outside without a coat than to grill out?  I decided to grill some lobster this past weekend.  I needed a couple of sides to serve with my lobster.  I decided to make a spring vegetable, asparagus and I hadRead more


In recent years kimchi has become more and more popular in North America. Kimchi is a staple in Korean cuisine.  It is salted and fermented spicy vegetables, traditionally napa cabbage and radishes.  I had never made kimchi before but I was curious to make some.  It is a process to make but is by noRead more

Tomato Hater No Mo

Are you ready for this, another tomato recipe from a person who really doesn’t like tomatoes. My Tash now says I am not allowed to consider myself or call myself a tomato hater since I have now successfully made several dishes which feature tomatoes and not only do I eat them but I also likeRead more

Is duck the “new” thing?

Duck and duck fat seem to be the new “hot” thing right now. And when I say hot I mean literally hot, remember this post when I burned myself with scorching hot duck fat?!  I wanted to make more use of the duck fat I have so I decided cook potatoes in duck fat.

All star way to serve celery

One of the fun things about my blog is there are actually people out there who read my blog!  And a few readers even get super into reading my posts.  One reader in particular, Jolie, wants to start a Cooking with Rosemary Fan Club and has even joked (or maybe it’s not a joke) about makingRead more

A little bit of home…

looks yum!

Growing up my favorite dinner that my mom ever made was a German-esque dish of sliced potatoes, bacon and onions.  My dad wasn’t fond of the dish, too breakfasty for him, so we would only ever have it on the rare occasions when my dad wasn’t be home for dinner.  As an adult I haveRead more

Not as planned

Sometimes you make something and it doesn’t turn out quite as expected, but it still turns out good.  It’s a happy accident.  A few years ago I was at friends Brad and Jo’s house and I was asked to prepare the salad.  I mixed greens with oil and vinegar and then sprinkled on salt and whatRead more

Roasted then Smoked

We are recipe 2 out of 3 of the recipes I made for pool guests a few weekends ago.  This next recipe was a bit different because it required to me to make a fun contraption to smoke the food.  I’m not really sure how well the smoker contraption really worked but it was fun toRead more

Three Recipes, One Day!

We are well into summer, my favorite season!  Weekends in the summer involve drinking by the pool all day and then in the evenings preparing dinner for all our guests.  A few Saturday’s ago I started menu planning and decided to take on the task of making 3 cookbook recipes, since the next three recipesRead more

Another new Cookbook!

A few weekends ago we were in Chicago for my cousin Ryan’s wedding and our nephew Nathan’s 2nd birthday.  I had a proud Auntie moment when playing with Nathan in his play kitchen.  Along with all his fake food  he had a pig beanie baby.  I put the pig in with a pot and pretendedRead more

Almost too much excitement for one post!

so totally forgot to photograph the corn before diving into it...so here's a photo mid eating.

So something which was very exciting for me was I had a request from a blog reader for me to cook some Indian recipes.  Not to let my readers down I immediately ordered an Indian cookbook.  Something else very exciting happened the night before I made the recipe from the Indian cookbook, I was invited toRead more

Side Dish Star!


I recently read an article about how to be a better cook. One of the things the article talked about is how you should read the recipe in it’s entirety before even starting to cook.  This is something that I do for every recipe I make.  Actually I tend to read a recipe several times.  IRead more

Easy Bread Making

after 6 minutes of kneading

So I wouldn’t typically consider bread making to be easy.  Well to be more precise it’s not technically difficult to make bread and it doesn’t take a lot of ingredients.  But bread making does take time which is probably the biggest reason I don’t make it more often.  This particular weekend Matt and I decidedRead more

Fun with Tomatillos

I love Mexico.  We vacation there every year with a group of family and friends.  For Christmas I received a new Mexican cookbook so I was eager to start my first recipe from it.

Another easy one…

I’ve been on a roll lately with having some super simple (and yummy) recipes.  This next one fall right in line.  It comes for a new cookbook (well actually Matt gave it to me for Christmas…but I haven’t cooked from it until now – you’ve been warned that I have reached my Christmas cookbooks…which aren’t Christmas food,Read more