Part III of Cuttlefish Ink Challenge

So perhaps the most challenging part of the cuttlefish ink challenge was to come up with a dessert. Not only does cuttlefish ink seem really out of place in a dessert, but also I avoid making desserts at all costs!  I am a pretty terrible baker, I don’t like to sweet things, I am justRead more

Remember when we saw Gin Blossoms?

“Remember when we saw Gin Blossoms,” my cousin Rachel said as we were walking back to my house from Windsor’s Fork & Cork Festival, literally minutes after watching Gin Blossoms preform.  A few weekends ago my cousin Rachel and her husband Kenny came to visit from Chicago.  We had a short amount of time butRead more

Easter Fun!

This year for Easter we stuck around home instead of traveling.  We got invited to our friends Brad and Jo’s house for a fish fry/bonfire on Saturday.  The next cookbook in line was the one and only baking cookbook I own…not even sure why I own it?  I am not a dessert person so itRead more

Back to Baking…

Baking, my favorite…which is meant to be sarcastic.  I am not a baker, as seen in the post from the last time I used this cookbook, Home Cooking’s Baking & Desserts.  But since I have the cookbook I will bake anyway – at least the tagged recipe.

Rosemary: Not a Baker

doesn't look messy at all!

I will preface this post by saying that I am not a baker.  And in particular I don’t care for cakes and pastries so making a dessert is really out of my comfort zone.  That said the next book line happens to be the only dessert book I own, and I am not really sureRead more