Hi, I’m Rosemary


Hi! I’m Rosemary Woods and I live in Walkerville, which is in Windsor, Ontario.  My New Years Resolution for 2015 was to go through all my cookbooks (which were collecting dust on my bookcase at that time) and tag the first recipe in each which looked good, was something I’ve never made or looked like it would challenge me.  I committed myself to making at least one recipe a week from a cookbook, staying in order of how they were arranged.  After I made a recipe in one book I would find the next recipe that perked my interest, tag it and place the cookbook back on the shelf.  I discovered I was learning so much about cooking and it was really a fun journey.  I wanted to document it so my blog was born!  I am happy to share my passion with you and hope to inspire!

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  1. Hi Rosemary! Glad to see you doing ao well. Ive visited Windsor and it is absolutely beautiful. I to love to cook and couldnt resist the urge to stop by and check out some of your recipes!! Cheers -Leah

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