A Dynamite Meal Soup

Almost a year ago I made a really great stock from a really unique cookbook I had recently purchased.  The stock was basically a doctored up miso, a basic miso soup but with the addition of coconut milk, garlic, ginger, lime leaves, chile and tamarind.  With the weather being really kind of gross rain and sleety I decided to make up a batch of this stock and turn it into a meal.

You can find the recipe for the stock here.  The rest of the recipe is really an “add what you’ve got.”

I first cooked some rice noodles and mixed in some re-hydrated wakame.  If you don’t have rice noodles just make another kind of noodle.  And the wakame is a good addition but if you don’t have any you will still end up with a delicious soup.

I then heated up my dynamite broth.

And I added veggies I had on hand, red bell pepper, green beans, pea pods and mushrooms.  I also added some fish balls I had in the freezer, if you have shrimp that would be great too, or even tofu!

The soup boiled for 3 minutes before I poured it into bowls over the noodles and wakame.  Then I topped with spinach and bean sprouts.  It made for a  great meal on a miserable day!