Part Two of Cuttlefish Ink Challenge

If you remember from this post 2 weeks back, my friend Jamie challenged me to make several dishes with cuttlefish ink.  I created a pasta with the ink and it was delicious!  Next up I decided to make a tempura batter incorporating some of the ink.

So what did I dip my tempura cuttlefish ink batter?  Squid Rings!

To make the batter I mixed flour, baking soda and sweet potato starch.

I then mixed cold water, cuttlefish ink and egg.

I mixed the dry ingredients with the wet gradually.  

I then dipped my squid rings into the batter.

And put them in my deep fryer for a minute before removing.  I served the squid with ahi tuna from this recipe here.

So how did it taste:  The cuttlefish ink gave the breading a really nice natural saltiness.  The taste was really nice!  The color made the squid rings look burnt so if you could get past that they were really good!  So what do you think Jamie?!