Beets taste like dirt.

Thinks I love in this picture: Japanese knife Things I don't love in this picture: beets

As my cooking and skills in culinary continue to increase I have decided to evolve in my blog posts.  Going forward I have decided to no longer post about each and every recipe I make in my cookbook project, instead I will only blog about those exceptional recipes. Those I really want to share and have others make.  And those which I really learn from.  That includes those epic fail recipes I seem to have a bit of a following for.  What I won’t be blogging about is those recipes which are mediocre, which I wouldn’t make again.  And instead I will be filling that void with some of my signature dishes.  I hope all my readers enjoy this evolution!

The next recipe comes from Top Chef’s lead judges cookbook

It is not a recipe that was exceptional or that I will ever make again but it was one of those learning recipes, and a bit of a fail so that’s why I am sharing.

The recipe tagged was for Raw Yellow Beets with Avocado, Grapefruit and Radish Sprouts Sandwich.  First off, this was really a recipe I was surprised I had tagged, because beets are not my thing, and after I tasted the end result I remembered why beets aren’t my thing.

To start with I julienned a yellow beet with one of my brand new knives from Japan.  The knife cuts like a dream btw.  I then mixed some olive oil, lemon juice and salt with the beets.

Thinks I love in this picture: Japanese knife Things I don't love in this picture: beets
Thinks I love in this picture: Japanese knife
Things I don’t love in this picture: beets

I then placed a slice of white bread and layered with avocado slices (drizzled with olive oil and seasoned with salt and pepper), grapefruit slices, julienned beets, radish sprout and topped with another slice of white bread.


This is what happened when I tried to pick it up and eat it:

this sandwich fails on so many accounts.

The Verdict:  Nope.  What did we learn here.  Beets taste like dirt.  Even those pretty yellow beets which try to fool you into think they taste like sunshine.  They are still beets so thus, they still taste like dirt.  And we also learned sandwiches made with avocado and grapefruit are slippery, so that’s probably why you have never used them together in a sandwich before.

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