Another Fresh Roll

I usually try to follow the directions to the recipes I make as close to exact as I can.  For whatever reason this next recipe I failed at doing that.  BUT luckily for me, Matt and the kids, who all ate this next recipe, it still worked out!

The recipe tagged was another version of fresh rolls, or as the recipe was titled: Soft Rice Paper Rolls with Prawns & Pork.  And it came from the cookbook seen below:

To start with I made the dipping sauce – Nuoc Mam Cham Dipping Sauce to be exact.  And this was right about where the failures at following the recipe started to happen.  I was suppose to heat fish sauce, white vinegar, and sugar in a sauce pan over medium heat and stir then remove from heat right before boiling.  Then I was suppose to let it cool and right before serving stir in chopped garlic, sliced chilli pepper and lime juice.

Instead I didn’t read the directions and just mixed all the ingredients at the same time.  And I did not heat the contents.  I just stirred until the sugar was dissolved.  BUT the dipping sauce was really really good, so I consider it a success.

Dipping Sauce!
Dipping Sauce!

Onto the fresh rolls.  I needed get all my ingredients.  The previous recipes I made for fresh rolls (read about them here) told me how to prep and cook all the fillings for the fresh rolls.  This recipe did not, it listed ingredients as “cooked shrimp” for example.  So because of that I wouldn’t necessarily consider this to be a good cookbook for a beginner.

Back to the ingredients.  First I needed 18 dried rice papers.  Well…I realized I only had 8 rice papers on hand.  Which was pretty much a bummer because the instructions say to cut six of the papers in half so you can layer a half paper on each full paper, to increase the structural soundness of each fresh roll.  I would have liked to try this out, but not enough rice papers…so next time!

Next ingredient – cooked shrimp.  I cooked shrimp in boiling water for a couple of minutes then drained and cut them in half lengthwise.

Next ingredient – perilla leaves.  Fail, could not find.  So I picked some mint from my garden to use instead.

Next – Shredded iceberg lettuce.  Done.

Next – cooked pork neck – thinly sliced.  I bought pork next bones and scraped off as much meat as I could.  Then I cooked in boiling water.

Next – mint leaves – I picked a different type of mint leaves from my garden.

Next – cooked rice vermicelli noodles – oops, I somehow ended up not paying attention and put glass noodles in my boiling water.  So these fresh rolls had glass noodles instead.

Next – garlic chives – picked these fresh from the garden!

And then I assembled.  In the same order as listed above.  And this was the result:


The Verdict:  Even though I did a terrible job following the instructions from the recipe, these still turned out.  And I would have to say my favorite so far in the summer of fresh rolls!  The dipping sauce was great with the fresh rolls so I’m sure I will make it again next time I make fresh rolls.

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