Three Recipes, One Day!

We are well into summer, my favorite season!  Weekends in the summer involve drinking by the pool all day and then in the evenings preparing dinner for all our guests.  A few Saturday’s ago I started menu planning and decided to take on the task of making 3 cookbook recipes, since the next three recipes in line all seemed like they would go together quite nicely.

The first of the three recipes came from the cookbook The Slanted Door.

The recipe tagged was for stir-fried green beans.

To start off with I cut green beans into 2 inch length pieces.


Then I blanched them boiling water for 1 minute.


Next I drained and let them run under cold water.  I don’t have a wok so instead I heated canola oil in my cast iron skillet over high heat.  Once smoking I added garlic and let that get brown but  not burn (which was less than a minute).  Then I added sugar and let that cook for a minute.


I then added fish sauce, sake and the green beans.

blurry action shot!
blurry action shot!

I stirred and cooked until the liquid was reduced by half.


The Verdict:  The green beans were tasty but for a side dish they were kind of a lot of work.  For that reason I probably won’t be making them often.  But the green beans were a great side to the rest of the meal so stay tuned to find out what else was served!  Try them out by clicking the link below.

Click here Recipe for Stir-Fried Green Beans