Roasted then Smoked

We are recipe 2 out of 3 of the recipes I made for pool guests a few weekends ago.  This next recipe was a bit different because it required to me to make a fun contraption to smoke the food.  I’m not really sure how well the smoker contraption really worked but it was fun to make regardless.

The recipe came from the cookbook Home Made.

The recipe tagged was for Smoked Bell Peppers.  Sounds interesting!

To start with I roasted red and yellow bell peppers.  To do so I placed peppers directly on my barbecue.


I cooked them turning every 5 minutes until all sides were blackened and blistery.


I then placed the peppers in a plastic bag, tied it and let them sweat it out for 30 minutes.


I then peeled the skin and removed the seeds.

with skin and seeds
with skin and seeds
skin and seeds removed
skin and seeds removed

I got to work on my smoker contraption.  I took a roasting pan and placed wood chips and Earl Gray tea on the bottom.


I then coved the wood chips and tea with foil.


Then placed a roasting rack over the foil.


I laid the peppers on the rack and placed the whole roasting pan on the barbecue.


Well technically I was suppose to place on a burner on my stove by my stove was occupied making the green beans from the previous post and the recipe in the next upcoming post.  The smoker was to be under high heat until you began to see smoke.  On the barbecue this was difficult so I more of went by smell, when I could smell the tea and word chips I covered the pan with foil and then lowered the heat on the barbecue to low and let the peppers “smoke” for 15 minutes.


I removed the peppers from the smoker contraption and cut them into thin slices.  I mixed up a dressing for the pepper made from balsamic vinegar, mustard, honey, salt, pepper and olive oil.  I placed the pepper slices on a plate and stuck in a few flakes of parmesan cheese between the slices.  Then I drizzled with the dressing.


The Verdict:  So I didn’t really taste any smokiness so I really don’t feel that was really necessary, well besides getting to make that contraption.  I would have to say the red peppers held up better in the roasting process (perhaps why you find roasted red peppers in jars?) so keep that in mind if you decide to roast some peppers.  But overall the dish was enjoyed.