Remember when we saw Gin Blossoms?

“Remember when we saw Gin Blossoms,” my cousin Rachel said as we were walking back to my house from Windsor’s Fork & Cork Festival, literally minutes after watching Gin Blossoms preform.  A few weekends ago my cousin Rachel and her husband Kenny came to visit from Chicago.  We had a short amount of time but made the most of it.  Pool time, BBQ feast, a bit of bar time at Kildare House and of course the Gin Blossoms concert!

I decided to also prepare a snack for Rachel and Kenny’s arrival and pulled out the next cookbook in line: The Portlandia Cookbook.

The recipe tagged was for Grilled Fruit Summer Rolls with Passion Fruit Dipping Sauce.

I made the sauce first.  In a small sauce pan I heated passion fruit juice, orange juice, sugar and cornstarch dissolved in water.


I mixed with my whisk and brought it to a boil, then reduced heat to simmer for several minutes.


The sauce then went into the refrigerator.  The sauce never really thickened up the way I think it was suppose to but it still seemed to work ok as a dipping sauce.  Right before serving I stirred in chopped mint.

For the summer rolls I lit my grill to high heat.  Then I chopped up some mango, pineapple and a banana.


The fruit got lightly sprinkled with sugar and I placed on the grill on a pan for several minutes.  Then flipped and grilled for several minutes more.

totally blurry picture of the fruit grilling...
totally blurry picture of the fruit grilling…

I let the fruit cool.


Meanwhile I placed a couple of slices of lightly buttered short bread on the grill.  And again I grilled each side for several minutes.


I then cut the short bread into strips and set up an assembly line for making the summer rolls.


I used a technique that I learned from a previous cookbook recipe to make the rice paper wrappers pliable.  You can read all about it here.

To create the rolls I placed mint leaves (from my garden) on the pliable rice paper wrapper.  Then I topped with banana, pineapple, mango and finally the short bread.  I rolled the rolls up, cut in half and served with the sauce.


The Verdict:  I have learned The Portlandia Cookbook is very much like the show Portlandia, a little weird.  I have made a mix of really out there recipes while I have also made a some really really great recipes.  I would say this recipe falls in line with of an out there recipe.  While the flavors all really worked and it was good, it was just still weird.  Rachel and Kenny did enjoy them.  Though Rachel did describe them as fruit wrapped in condoms, which was kind of accurate.

Rachel and I having a drink at Kildare House.
Rachel and I having a drink at Kildare House.