Not as planned

Sometimes you make something and it doesn’t turn out quite as expected, but it still turns out good.  It’s a happy accident.  A few years ago I was at friends Brad and Jo’s house and I was asked to prepare the salad.  I mixed greens with oil and vinegar and then sprinkled on salt and what I thought was pepper.  The “pepper” was actually cinnamon but it was a happy accident because the salad tasted awesome!  We still actually talk about that salad and how good it ended up being!

The next recipe comes from what I consider as more of a guidebook for prosciutto and other cured meats but since it also has a handful of recipes I keep it with my cookbooks.

The recipe tagged was for Savoy Cabbage and Salami Soup. (Oh good soup in the summer…)

To start with I added chopped onion and garlic to a skillet with olive oil over medium heat.


That cooked for several minutes until the onions were soft but not yet browning.  Then I added thinly sliced savoy cabbage and seasoned with salt and pepper.


That was covered and was to cook for 15 minutes.  But after 10 minutes I noticed it was burning so I moved onto the next step.


I then added diced salami and short grain rice and some water.


That was to cook until the rice was done but after around 20 minutes there was no more water left (so no longer a soup I guess).  Unfortunately the rice was not completely cooked, but from small taste I had the cabbage was REALLY good so I decided to stop cooking and eat it anyway, even with the not fully cooked rice.IMG_1326

I topped with a bit of parsley and ate.

The Verdict:  So even though the rice was not cooked all the way through the cabbage and salami had great flavor.  I would say the recipe itself pretty much failed (since it was suppose to be a soup!).  But I consider this dish a happy accident and I will be making it again for sure…minus the rice.  If you want my modified recipe for this dish click on the link below.

Recipe for Sauteed Cabbage with Salami