This week a new restaurant opened in Walkerville.  It’s called Ceilidh Maritime Pub located at 1801 Wyandotte Street East.  I went opening night to check it out.  They serve East Coast Maritime food, which means seafood!  Lots of seafood!!  (If you aren’t into seafood you won’t have much to choose from…but since I love seafood the menu options are right up my alley – at the very bottom of the post I have bit more of our food)

As it just happens to work out the next recipe come from a lobster cookbook, The Great Lobster Cookbook.

The recipe tagged was for ZE Lobster BLT.  To start with I cooked lobster tails in boiling water until their shells turned bright read and they began to curl.  I removed and them from the water and let them cool.


I then mixed mayonnaise, lemon juice, olive oil, sriracha sauce and tarragon.


I seasoned with salt and pepper and added the lobster meat which I had removed from the shell and roughly chopped.  To remove the meat from the shell I used my kitchen scissors and cut through the top and bottom of the shell and pulled the shell apart.  I then scooped the meat from each side.


I let the mayonnaise/lobster combination refrigerate for a half hour.  When it was time to eat I took a ciabatta bun and cut it in half, toasted it and lightly spread butter on the inner faces.  Then I assembled the sandwich by topping the bottom bun with kale (which the recipe called for butter lettuce but I discovered the lettuce I had purchased had gone bad so I swapped in kale – which I think worked well), sliced tomatoes (again I did a swap-a-roo here – instead of using a typical tomato I used cherry tomatoes sliced in half – we have an over abundance of cherry tomatoes right now and I couldn’t justify buying a regular tomato), the lobster mayo mixture, bacon and the top bun.


The Verdict:  Super YUM!  This sandwich was perfect for the crazy hot summer day it was.  This is a good one to try if you are into lobster.  And perhaps I am being preferential since I made this sandwich, but I actually enjoyed this lobster sandwich a tiny bit more than the one we had had at Ceilidh Maritime Pub – so I challenge everyone to try both and let me know which you like better!

Click here for the recipe for Lobster Sandwich

But a bit more about Ceilidh Maritime Pub!  As I said we went opening night and while there were a few hiccups (which are pretty much expected for any restaurant on opening night), none of the hiccups involved the food.  The food came to our table super quick, despite every table being full.  We ordered a lobster roll, a fried scallop sandwich and lobster cocktail.  Be warned the sandwiches come on black buns but they are very tasty, you just have to get past the color.  Of everything we sampled I would have to say the fried scallop sandwich was the best.  It was super tasty – it was lightly fried, with a right amount of spiciness to it.  Next time I want to try the fish and chips.  With Kildare House, known for the best fish and chips in the area, I am curious to see how Ceilidh Maritime Pub’s compare!

Looks like tater tots but this is the fried scallop sandwich...and it is DELISH!!!!!
Looks like tater tots but this is the fried scallop sandwich…and it is DELISH!!!!!
Lobster Cocktail, SO FANCY! Nice presentation!
Lobster Cocktail, SO FANCY! Nice presentation!

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  1. Rosemary
    I am the owner of the Ceilidh Maritime Pub and I was just googling and seeing how we are doing. I came across your comments and I am so appreciative of your response. Thank you. On Sept 21st we will have our grand opening until the 25th. We will tweek our menu as well providing new options that we came up with from all our feedback from the soft opening. Please follow us on Facebook and join in trying our new food….we are keeping the lobster roll…scallop sandwich and our number 1 seller is our halibut fish and chips. Again I cannot thank you enough for trying the Ceilidh and I hope to see you soon.
    Shyla Bell

    1. Thanks for leaving a comment Shyla! And thanks for letting me know about the new menu offerings coming out soon. I will be sure to check it out. Happy to hear the scallops sandwich will remain. And BTW I did try the halibut fish and chips after I wrote this post and it was very tasty!!

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