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looks yum!

Growing up my favorite dinner that my mom ever made was a German-esque dish of sliced potatoes, bacon and onions.  My dad wasn’t fond of the dish, too breakfasty for him, so we would only ever have it on the rare occasions when my dad wasn’t be home for dinner.  As an adult I have tried to recreate this dish myself and while it’s good, it’s never quite as good as when my mom would make it.

As luck would have it my mom happened to be coming to visit on the weekend when I pulled the next recipe off the shelf.

If you are confused right now of why I am talking about my mom’s German potato dish and the next cookbook is clearly a Japanese cookbook, get ready to have your mind blown.  That’s right the next recipe is for Japanese-style German Potatoes!  And the best part is my mom and I got to make this recipe together!

To start with we took russet potatoes peeled and cut them into 1/2 inch x 1/2″ x 2″ chunks.  Then we submerged them into cold water.


I heated the oil in my mini deep fryer to 325 degrees F.  We drained the potatoes and dried them thoroughly.  Then in batches we placed potatoes into the deep fryer for 6 minutes and then raised the temperature to 375 degrees F and continued to cook for 3 minutes.


The potatoes were removed from the fryer and set on paper towels.


Next vegetable oil was heated over medium high heat in large cast iron skillet.  Sliced onions were added and cooked stirring frequently for 4 minutes.

My mom is holding that wooden spoon!
My mom is holding that wooden spoon!

Then the heat was increased to high and the potatoes along with bacon pieces were added the skillet and cooked, stirring occasionally until the bacon was crisp.

looks yum!
looks yum!

The skillet was removed from heat and soy sauce and butter were stirred into the potatoes.  To serve the potatoes were placed on a bed of red leaf lettuce.


The Verdict:  So obviously not as good as the potatoes my mom makes but still pretty great.  These weren’t the easiest to execute (having to use my fryer and a skillet!!) but since they were so tasty I will be making these again.  For those who know me well you know I have a huge soft spot in my heart for Japanese cuisine.  So this recipe literally spoke to my heart.  If you are up for a bit of challenge, with a very tasty reward click on the link below for the recipe.

Recipe for Japanese/German Potatoes

And lastly some super exciting news!  One week from today we will be in Japan!!!  We are going to Tokyo, Nagoya, Shikoku, Osaka and back to Tokyo!  We are traveling with our friends Jamie and Tash.  So get ready to have an overdose of all things Japan in upcoming blog posts.

This was my fortune in a fortune cookie I recently had. Can't wait to collect my rewards when we get to the far east!!!!
This was my fortune in a fortune cookie I recently ate. Can’t wait to collect my rewards when we get to the far east!!!!