Fun with Fish

start of the 20 minutes

MultiFood in Windsor is quickly becoming a favorite place for to grab groceries.  They have a lot of ingredients that I haven’t been able to find at other stores in the area.  For example – banana leaves, they have them, which was perfect because I needed them for this next recipe.  MultiFood also  has an awesome seafood counter.  They have beautiful whole fish (is it ok to call fish beautiful?).  And if needed they removed the scales and guts and clean it up for you.  If you haven’t guessed it I also needed a whole fish for this next recipe.

The recipe comes from the cookbook Ceviche, which is a Peruvian cookbook.

The recipe tagged was for Patarashca or grilled fish parcels.

To start off with I took my beautiful fish from MultiFood


and I cut shallow diagonal lines across the fish.  Then I rubbed with salt, pepper and cumin on the outside and inside.


I then mixed up red onion, garlic, hot peppers and cilantro.


I placed each fish on a banana leaf and I divided up the onion mixture between the fish.  I poured vegetable oil over each fish.


Then I wrapped the leaves up and tied with twine to hold.  The parcels went on the barbecue for 20 minutes.

start of the 20 minutes
start of the 20 minutes
end of the 20 minutes
end of the 20 minutes

I opened up the banana leaves and we ate perfectly cooked fish.


The Verdict:  YUMMMMMMMM! The fish was super moist and delish.  And it really wasn’t a lot of work and totally doable for a weeknight dinner.  And this dinner really felt exotic, way fancier than just a Tuesday night at home in Windsor.

Click here for the recipe for Fish Grilled in Banana Leaves



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