Chicken Adobo

Onto the final recipe I made a few weekends back.  When opened the next cookbook I knew why I had tagged this next recipe originally.  Years ago I was watching a cooking show and there was a mom and two daughters who sold their chicken adobo, a Filipino dish, in a food hall.  They were asked the recipe so many times that they decided to write the recipe on a piece of paper which they placed on their stand and that way anyone and everyone could take photos of it.

The recipe came from one of my many meat cookbooks.

To make the chicken adobo I took chicken thighs and browned them each side about 5 minutes in a hot cast iron skillet.


I removed the chicken and added sliced onions, crushed garlic, black pepper and arrowroot.  Arrowroot I learned is used for thickening sauces.


I gave that a mix and added the chicken back to the skillet.  Then I poured white wine vinegar, soy sauce and lime juice over the chicken.  A bay leaf was also added to the skillet.


The chicken cooked for 45 minutes with the liquid held at a simmer.


The chicken was served over rice with the sauce spooned on top.


The Verdict:  The chicken adobo was ok I thought.  The chicken was moist but beyond the skin, I didn’t find that it had that much flavor.  I am sure the chicken adobo the mom and daughters make is better than the version I made.  Perhaps I should find that food hall and take a photo of their recipe for Chicken Adobo!  But all in all, all three dishes made really went well together so we had a great meal!