Korean? Short Ribs

I mentioned Walkerville’s newest restaurant F&B a few posts ago.  Well here I go again on F&B.  Something that Matt and I always order when we go are the Korean Ribs.  We crave them actually.  So when I opened up my next cookbook and saw the recipe was for Korean Short Ribs I was immediately excited!

The recipe came from a cook book centered around Food Truck food.

And as I already said the recipe tagged was for Korean Short Ribs.  I first got to work on the kalbi marinade.  I combined soy sauce, maple syrup, sugar, yellow onion, green onion, garlic, kiwi, Asian pear, sprite, orange juice, sesame oil, toasted sesame seeds, mirin and black pepper in my blender.

This is an Asian pear. It was a new to me ingredient. I really liked the taste of the pear, it's kind of like an apple, crisp, light with a fragrant aroma. Yum!
This is an Asian pear. It was a new to me ingredient. I really liked the taste of the pear, it’s kind of like an apple, crisp, light with a fragrant aroma. Yum!
kalbi marinade
kalbi marinade

The marinade can be made in advance so I made mine the night before and refrigerated.  The next day before work I placed boneless beef short ribs in the marinade.  The recipe states to marinade for at least 2 hours.

short ribs are also new to me!
short ribs are also new to me!

The recipe was a bit unclear at this point…In the ingredients it said to use boneless short ribs and thinly slice them.  But, reading ahead in the recipe I knew I was grilling for 1 1/2 to 2 hours so thinly slicing them sounded like a bad idea.  Then later in the recipe it talked about grilling until the meat was shrinking back from the bones?  But if the ribs were already boneless how could this be?  I think this recipe could have used another proof reader!  I ended up cutting slices in the meat, not all the way through to kind of butterfly it.  So kind of compromised of what the recipe was being inconsistent about.

I set up my grill for indirect heating.  This means I only lit one side of the burners and placed my meat on the side without the fire under it.


I cooked my ribs for a hour and half, flipping them over a few times.  While they grilled I worked in the yard.  I somehow managed to fall into the pool, the deep end, completely underwater, with all my clothes on.  Lesson learned to better be aware of my environment around me!  When the slices I had cut into the ribs began to pull apart I used that as my indication the ribs were done.


I let the meat rest for 10 minutes and then chopped it up.


We then used the meat to make tacos!


The Verdict:  Not as yum as F&B’s Korean ribs, but still decent.  Though I was expecting them to be spicy, which they weren’t at all.  It definitely tasted like something you would get from a food truck, so the recipe fits with the theme of the book it came from.   Will I make these again?  Probably not.  It wasn’t that they weren’t good, it’s just a big time commitment and they were a bit sweet for my personal taste.  I did really enjoy using some  new to me ingredients.  And I will definitely be buying Asian pears again! But if there is anyone out there who wants the recipe let me know and I will get the recipe to you 🙂