Easy Healthy Transportable Lunch

Brown rice is something I really have never cared for.  It always seems gritty to me.  And it takes a lot longer to cook than white rice.  But it’s said to be the healthier better choice.  If you haven’t guessed it the next recipe features brown rice…and I have to say it kind of made me a white rice to brown rice convert.

The recipe came from a gluten free cook book I have which aims to make healthy, tasty food quickly.

The recipe tagged was for Salad of Brown Rice, Cucumbers, and Peppers with Asparagus and Hazelnuts.

To start with I blanched the asparagus pieces in boiling water for a few minutes.  Then I drained and let the asparagus run under cold water for to stop them from cooking further.


I then I set a skillet over medium high heat and toasted hazelnuts for a few minutes.  I removed the hazelnuts and roughly chopped them.


I then took a mixing bowl and smashed a clove of garlic into the bottom of it.  I rubbed the clove around the bowl then discarded the clove.  I poured olive oil and sherry vinegar into the bowl and gave it a whisk.  I seasoned with salt and pepper.  I then added the asparagus, cooked and cooled brown rice, diced red bell pepper, diced cucumber, hazelnuts and parsley leaves into the mixing bowl.


I gave it a mix.  You can serve right away or transport it.  I brought this salad to work for lunch and it was delish!


The Verdict:  Try this one!  It’s a super healthy and filling lunch.  And as a bonus it’s quick and easy to make.  This is another cookbook I have had a lot of great recipes from.  So it’s a good cookbook to consider picking up particularly like making healthier food.

Click here for the recipe for Brown Rice Salad