Burger Time

Another busy exhausting weekend!  This past weekend we had my mom along with friends Di and Jeff visit from Chicago.  We went to Art in The Park  and to see (half of) The Monkees at Caesars Windsor.  Come Sunday night I was pretty exhausted so I decided to make a fast and easy recipe for dinner.

I was lucky enough the next recipe up from Rino Bortolin’s cookbook Rino’s Kitchen, was a simple recipe.


The recipe tagged was for The Essex County Burger.  Rino calls it the Essex County Burger because he uses local grass-fed beef.  I also like to use local products when I can so I do a lot of my shopping at local markets, and now that the weather has warmed up Windsor’s Downtown Farmer’s Market.  This year the downtown farmer’s market is located on Pelisier Street and Maiden Lane.  There are a lot of vendors and a lot of great local items to buy!  The farmer’s market happens every Saturday from 8AM-1PM.

So back to the burger!  I started by mixing chili flakes, salt, pepper, oregano and bread crumbs in a large bowl.


I then added ground beef and mixed with my hands until it was thoroughly combined.


Then I added 1/2 of an egg, soy sauce and sesame oil.  Again I mixed with my hands until it was combined.

I touched that egg with my hands!
I touched that egg with my hands!

I then formed patties from the meat.  Rino makes 8 oz patties.  To make sure my patties were accurate I weighed each on my kitchen scale.


I LOVE my kitchen scale and use it pretty much every time I cook.  I find it very handy to have.  You can buy a similar one at Amazon.

I then placed my patties in the refrigerator to firm up a bit.


I then grilled the burgers, though Rino says he’s been converted to cooking his burgers on a cast iron skillet.  Next time I make these I will definitely try using a cast iron skillet.  But this night in particular it was SO nice out I wanted to grill.


Rino gives no instruction on how long to cook but my burgers cooked for about 10 minutes each side.  (They are big burgers!)  I served the burgers on a bun with an array of topping and condiments.


The Verdict:  These were HUGE but they were also super yum!  The recipe made 12 burgers so I have most in my freezer to pull out during the summer for nice easy dinners.  Next time I will definitely make them a bit smaller, I don’t even think I ate half of my burger.  But the flavor was great and they were nice and juicy.  Click below for the recipe!

Recipe for Rino’s Burger